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Financial Close and Consolidation

Agile Consolidation and Reporting platform

  • Simplified solution for complex organizations.
  • Reduces close times by automated data loading, reconciliation and reporting.
  • Error detection with pre and post load validations.
  • Complete transparency in data and changes.
  • Confidence and control with audit trails and drill back capabilities.
  • Complete cash flow reporting improving operational insights.
  • Advanced currency translation.
  • Increase automation by the existence of Flow Dimension.

Global Financial Consolidation and Reporting

  • Statutory Financial Requirements: US GAAP, IFRS, Multi-GAAP.
  • Local Statutory Requirements.
  • Data control through cell-level audit trails.
  • Pre-defined complex ownership and equity pickup.

Powerful Intercompany Eliminations

  • Automated Intercompany Eliminations.
  • Easy to collaborate and resolve IC discrepancies.
  • Pre-defined intercompany reports to provide visibility over the status.

Complete Foreign Exchange and Cash Flow Reporting

  • Roll forward members provide detail on movements and changes.
  • Complete cash flow reporting that improves insight.
  • Currency translation and historical overrides.
  • Detailed cash flow and forecasting.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Simple and Agile

  • Simpler planning, budgeting and forecasting process due to guided workflows.
  • One unified financial planning software that improves agility.
  • Reduce time collecting data.
  • Extensible Dimensionality ® allows business units a unique level of detail.
  • Seeding budgets and forecasts is automated, since all data is in the same application.

Strategic Planning and Modeling

  • ​​Ability to define long-term strategies, analyse multiple scenarios and develop baseline plans.
  • Analyse impact on financial results and support decisions across the enterprise.
  • Evaluate multiple scenarios.
  • Estimate costs, revenues and capital.

Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

  • ​Use dynamic web forms or Excel views to create and update your organization plan or forecast.​
  • Existence of guided workflows to ease the collection and entry of data.​
  • Multiple advanced planning techniques are supported.
  • Ability to deliver any required budget or forecast methodology.
  • Meet your corporate and business unit requirements at the same time thanks to Extensible Dimensionality ®.

Detailed Operational Planning

  • ​Ability to extend the planning features with multiple specialty planning solutions available in the XF MarketPlace.
  • Best performance thanks to the Relational Blending.
  • Predict the impact of planning decision.
  • It allows your organization to create, modify, spread, allocate and utilize drivers.

Predictive Analytics

  • ​Predictive Analytics 123 is a solution from the XF MarketPlace to configure and deploy models across the planning process.
  • It allows your organization to create, administer and maintain predictive models without any need of technical expertise.
  • Ability to generate high performing predictive forecasts.
  • It includes workflows, planning processes, reports and dashboards

Reporting and Analysis

Faster and Easy to Maintain

  • ​Less time and cost to process information in time and correctly.
  • Ability to perform analysis as your business changes.
  • The guided reporting feature provides the user the ability to perform tasks on their own.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office.
  • Intuitive dashboards and visualizations.
  • Secure access for finance and line of business users.

Guided Reporting

  • ​Customization of templates for reports providing strong analytic tools.
  • Library of pre-defined templates.
  • Ability to drill down from graphs, charts, reports and grids.
  • Export reports to any standard format immediately.

Excel Integration

  • ​Add-In embedded spreadsheet for excel.
  • Ad-hoc analysis and reporting with drag and drop features.
  • Customized calculations in Excel.
  • Multiple views and calculations in the same Excel sheet at the same time.
  • Dynamic POV and drill down capabilities both in web and Excel

Production Reporting

  • ​Robust reporting feature.
  • Intuitive detailed and formatted reports.
  • One single report combining data quality, actuals, budget and plan.
  • Pre-defined reports including audit, process log, drill down, security analysis, certification status and process controls

Microsoft Office Blend

  • ​Combination of Microsoft Office and OneStream XF content provides a rich reporting experience.
  • Ability to build report books by merging Microsoft Office content with OneStream XF reports, data and charts.
  • Real time data, charts and reports any time you refresh the content.
  • Postal Service solution available in the XF MarketPlace to distribute reports.

Interactive Dashboards

  • ​​Change variables and data to help your company decisions.
  • Combine tables, charts, graphs,… to obtain financial and operational metrics.
  • Drill-down into the causes to understand business trends.
  • Use data entry forms and real time results to transform insights into actions

​Analytic Blend

  • ​​Analyse and visualize your data by the distinctive “blend” feature to validate data.
  • Dashboards analysis by combining financial, operational and transactional data.
  • Extended access to line of business managers and executives.
  • No data latency nor replication of financial data.

Financial Data Quality

Integrated and Transparent

  • Existing integration connectors providing direct integration to any ERP system.
  • Drill back and drill through features.
  • Ability to define pre and post-data loading validations and confirmation.
  • Secure and confident certification process.
  • Audit trails for any process gives your organization full transparency from report to source.

​Direct Integration Connectors

  • ​Integration Connectors in OneStream XF provide integration with any ERP or other source system, improving delivery times and making the process very efficient.
  • Drill down, drill back and drill through available in the whole process.
  • Integration to any open ERP includes drill back capabilities.

Guided Workflows

  • Guided Workflows provide data management and verification throughout financial consolidation, reporting and planning processes.
  • Simple and standard processes focussed on the end-user.
  • Simplified data collection and analysis.
  • Every step in the workflow provides the user the correct process and reports, so there is no need to deploying additional CPM solutions.

​Complete Transparency and Audit Trails

  • ​Full transparency provided by the existing Origin dimension.
  • Origin dimension indicates where the captured data provides and cannot be overrided.
  • Automatic data protection.
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